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The Mirky Story!

For me to really tell this tale, I must go back to the beginning, it all started with a friendship, a PS2, and Lego Star Wars we played countless hours of that game well it was through that friendship that I was introduced to Star Wars Battlefront both of them, we often played together, but this came to a sudden end when my friend sold his PS2. Well years passed and I had all but forgotten Battlefront, but I got into PC gaming mainly strategy games. One day I remembered all those great memories of Battlefront and decided to see if they sold a PC version of the games. As soon as I found them, I bought them. I played both games on single player for a while and then discovered multilayer with the second installment, since Gamespy was already down for the first one. When it was announced that Gamespy was closing I was sad to hear multiplayer was closing, so I found Tunngle! And on Tunngle there was the ability to play on the original Battlefront Multiplayer too! I was Pumped and played a lot those first few days, on my second day on multiplayer ever, the 212th clan attempted to recruit me, however; the next day Astro comes along and advises (very strongly) that I join BOB instead, I am glad I did. This decision was confirmed the next day by a few nice players from other clans. At the time Astro said that BOB was a fairly new clan, but I now understand what he meant a “new” clan from a “rebirth”. When I first joined the clan I was warmly welcomed, and things where starting to come back to a full and healthy life. Sauce (then a diplomat, now a leader) was especially nice at the beginning. Things have steadily become more and more active, especially in game. Many new members have joined the clan and are already receiving promotions (including myself) and a few older players have returned as well. Of course this has not come without its own fair share of bumps and bruises, there have been disagreements along the way… Now things are flurry of activity and the battlefront community is testing a new way to play online with internet again, called GameMaster. Recently our clan got its very own TeamSpeak Channel which is, to me at least, a really cool milestone. It is a very exciting time and I hope to stick around for a long time, and see the clan continue to thrive. Long live the BOBclan!!!


Update 8/13/2014 7:06:45 PM CST


I have now been promoted to the ranks of Professional, and I have started going by the name Mirky, since that is what my clan calls me anyway. So now my name is BOB.pro.Mirky. The BOBclan has since gained a few members, and I think we are doing quite well. We are participating in the Intergalactic Clan War 4 (ICW4), and have done a fair job.



Update 8/28/2014


I am now a Knight in the BOBclan and am helping set up a BOB only tournament, which is going to be really fun! We got third in the ICW4, not too bad really.

Update 11/27/2014

I have been promoted to a full leader in the BOBclan. This has been an amazing journey, I can't wait to see where it takes me in the future!